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California Thoroughbred Breeders Association

Cal Bred – A California-bred Thoroughbred is a horse dropped in California after being conceived in California, or any Thoroughbred foal dropped by a mare in California if the mare remains in California to be next bred to a Thoroughbred stallion standing in the state. If the mare cannot be bred for two successive seasons, but remains in California during that period, her foal will be considered a California-bred.
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Cal Sired – A “California-sired horse” is a Thoroughbred that was conceived in California by a registered California stallion. A California-sire horse is only eligible for entry races restricted to California-bred or California-sired horses and is not eligible for any breeder or owner awards, except the Maiden Bonus Award.
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Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association

FL Bred – Thoroughbred horse foaled in the State of Florida may be registered with the Association as a Florida-Bred.
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Maryland Thoroughbred

MD Bred – The horse shall be a Thoroughbred, eligible for registration with The Jockey Club and have been foaled in Maryland. In addition, unless the breeder is a resident of the State, or maintains his breeding stock continually in the State, the horse shall be the produce either of a mare having conceived in Maryland the previous season, or of a mare sent into the State to foal and covered by a Maryland stallion the season of its foaling.
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New York Thoroughbred Breeders

NY Bred, Non-Resident Mares – The mares must remain in New York for at least 90 days, including the time before and after foaling, during which time she must be bred back to a registered New York Stallion.

NY Bred, Resident Mares – Mares bred to out-of-state stallions must return to New York within 120 days of her last cover date. The mare must then remain in the state continuously through foaling. In this case, there is no breed-back requirement.
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