Stallion Syndication & Ownership FAQs

What does Climax Stallions do?
• Climax Stallions brings together investors worldwide to share in ownership of a thoroughbred stallion.

Why buy into a stallion?
• Buying into a thoroughbred stallion allows you to play the game a new way. Your investment not only leaves possibility for great financial return, but also allows you to be a part of hundreds of racing progeny.

Who manages Climax Stallions?
• The Managing Director of Climax Stallions is Sean Feld, who has been involved within the thoroughbred industry since his youth. To find out more about the rest of the team, visit the “About” section.

Who buys the stallions?
• Sean and Bob Feld work together on the acquisition of stallions. Together, they scout out, research and place each stallion where they have the best chance for success.

Why should I choose Climax Stallions?
• Climax Stallions is the leader in racing-style stallion partnerships. Our team goes above and beyond to market and promote each of our stallions. Investing into one of Climax’s stallions gives you assurance of not only a quality horse, but also a dedicated team you can trust.

How does stallion syndication work with Climax Stallions?
• Each stallion available is sold in increments of 10%. You may purchase a single share or multiple. The value of each stallion does differ meaning the price for a single share will differ as well.

How am I involved in the management of the stallions I own?
• Partners are consulted in major decisions but Climax Stallions serves as the Managing Partner for all stallions.

When are new stallions offered?
• Climax Stallions is very selective in the purchase of stallions we offer. There is no specific timeline available, but contact us and we will place you on an interest list for when the next stallion becomes available.

Still have a question?

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